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Mission Vision and Covenant

world-chaliceFirst Universalist Unitarian Church of Wausau


We are a safe haven, where all are accepted, valued, and connected. We support and encourage each other in exploring our religious, spiritual, and intellectual paths. Through our shared ministry, music, and meditation, we rejoice and mourn together.  We are active partners in service to others.  We bring light to social justice issues and are conduits for sparking change in ourselves, our community, and the world.


To transform ourselves and the larger community by being a bright and welcoming sanctuary of hope, compassion, service, and understanding—allowing individuals of differing spiritual and religious beliefs to experience acceptance and support, a sense of belonging, and continued personal growth as part of a free-thinking, inclusive church community.


We will:

  • Welcome all who enter our doors with warmth and openness, and treat one another with respect.
  • Come together in a spirit of fellowship to nurture our souls via engaging church services, uplifting music and song, quiet reflection, and intergenerational activities.
  • Support our children and one another in the exploration of varying religious, spiritual, intellectual, and personal paths.
  • Provide acts of care, compassion, and celebration for one another along life’s setbacks, transitions, and milestones.
  • Actively support humanitarian, environmental, and socially conscious work, activities, collections, and partnerships.
  • Share our time, talents, and financial resources with the church.
  • Conduct all congregational business ethically according to our by-laws, policies, and covenants —with honesty, openness, and a spirit of inclusion.
  • Be considerate of the need for staff and minister to balance work and personal time.
  • Listen to and learn from one another with curiosity and patience, without judgment.
  • Approach conflicts directly with healthy doses of both critical self-reflection and acknowledgement of differing perspectives, opting to believe the best in others.
  • Be receptive to new ideas and changing needs of our congregation so we can be a vital, growing church.

First-UU-Wausau-Mission-Vision-Covenant-Approved (PDF)