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Minister’s Welcome

Minister’s Welcome

Greetings! I am thrilled you’re interested in learning more about the First Universalist Unitarian Church of Wausau (UU Wausau). I am so honored to be UU Wausau’s minister.

UU Wausau is a marvelous church, and we hope you will join us to worship on Sundays, participate in the various community activities that happen here throughout the week, and be a part of our community, right here in downtown Wausau.

Dating back to 1870, UU Wausau has served as a vital religious voice within Wausau and beyond. Within our walls you will find a diverse group of welcoming people who ensure our church is an accepting, hospitable, and joyful environment.

Here, we take seriously an individual’s search for truth and meaning. Our hope is that you will experience us as we strive to be: accepting, joyful, and inspired to expand our knowing. Our worship services are warm and inviting; our sanctuary, adorned with stained-glass windows, is beautiful. Together we sing, share stories for all ages, and celebrate life’s milestones.

Historically founded as a Universalist congregation, UU Wausau continues to explore Jesus’ teachings, and the implications they have in our world today. Today, as a proud Unitarian Universalist congregation, we gain insight and wisdom from all the world’s religions, believing Life embraces us all. Furthermore, we honor one’s search for meaning that forgoes faith in any particular religion. We strive to be a place of welcome and inclusion for all.

I grew up in rural southeastern Missouri. My parents and grandparents before them were farmers, factory workers, childcare providers, and school nurses. They instilled in me an appreciation for hard work, frank honesty, and respect for all people. Despite their lessons, I remember how stressed they could get when the demands of work, parenthood, and life grew fierce. And with that I saw how important our small country church was in their lives. It was a place to go and be refreshed, challenged, fed, and inspired. That’s just what I hope UU Wausau is for you. We have a lot to offer, and welcome the opportunity to share with you.

So please, come and see if we might be a home for you. Welcome!

Brian J. Mason

First Universalist Unitarian of Wausau has been a place for liberal spiritual seekers since 1870. We may be the spiritual home you are looking for. You may be searching for a faith community for the first time, or need a new place to belong as your beliefs have evolved. You may be in the midst of transitions and re-examining the meaning in your life.  Whatever the reason, please know that you are welcome to visit and see if First UU Wausau is where you belong, where you learn and love.