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UU Religious Education

Faith is a journey we take together. Religious education takes a lifetime. It happens both within and beyond a congregation’s walls. We strive to guide one another—all ages among us—in learning, personal change, and living with integrity, joy, courage, and service.

Faith development may happen in a Sunday Service while singing a hymn. It happens when a child asks an important question.  Our spirits grow when our joys and sorrows are supported by those near us. Our hearts are educated when we hear the wisdom of the young and the old.

In UU faith development, we learn from poetry, discussion, from ancient traditions and the cutting edge of science.  We learn from everything from watching a movie to making coffee. All life is a source of our growing and deepening.


In Latin, the chambered nautilus shell is called, “spira mirabilis” or the “marvelous spiral.” There is a complex mathematical formula that describes this shape, but in essence it says, “Life grows.”

The Religious Education/ Faith Development programs at UU Wausau are designed to create the conditions in which people of all ages feel invited to grow in the deep, interior place that we call “soul.” We sing, light candles, explore new ideas, talk together at meals, serve the community, plant seeds in our community garden, and welcome each person who comes through our door. We read and make meals. Each and every act here is a path to spiritual growth. Please read more about our programs and consider growing with us.