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January 2019

Sunday services start at 10:30 a.m. unless otherwise stated


Sunday, January 6: Great Expectations, Great Disappointments – The Rev. Brian Mason

By now the bottom of the Christmas trees is bare, only the tree’s skirt and fallen needles remain. The New Year’s Day resolution has been made, and perhaps you’ve already missed three out of five workout days. This season of newness reminds us that it’s never too late to begin again. This morning we’ll gather to let go of last year’s lost hopes and name this year’s new ones.


Sunday, January 13: A Dying Unitarian Looks at Life and Broadcast Journalism Glen Moberg

Glen Moberg reflects on his long career in broadcast journalism, and what it has taught him about life and the roles the media plays in our society. The sermon will be illustrated with audio recordings of what Glen considers to be some of his best work as a storyteller at Wisconsin Public Radio, with live performances of some of his original music.

Glen Moberg is wrapping up an almost 50-year career in broadcast journalism, including his current position as a talk show host and reporter at Wisconsin Public Radio, in Wausau. He has worked in management and on-air positions for numerous radio and television stations in Wisconsin. A native of Chicago, Glen’s parents met in 1951 at a Unitarian church on the city’s south side. He and his wife, Mary Beth, joined the First Universalist Unitarian Church of Wausau in the early ‘90s. Glen’s daughter, Melody, is the Director of Religious Education at the University Unitarian Church in Seattle. His son, Thomas, recently graduated from UW-Stevens Point with a degree in fine arts. Glen has been diagnosed with cancer and has been told he has between a few months and a year left to live.


Sunday, January 20: Truth-telling as Healing – Dr. Fran Kaplan & Reggie Jackson

Dr. Fran Kaplan & Reggie Jackson, Consultants with Nurturing Diversity Partners in Milwaukee, bring their thought-provoking work on truth-telling and its forms to UU Wausau. Facing the truth can be unsettling, making us feel exposed and uncomfortable. But Dr. Kaplan and Mr. Jackson will show how truth-telling is an essential step towards reconciliation and healing. They will discuss the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy, how his ideas and activism led our nation to face the truths of our history, and how his vision for the Beloved Community lives on today.

Following the service at 3:00pm, Dr. Kaplan and Mr. Jackson will speak on The Trauma of Racial Bias at the YWCA.  More information about this event can be found on the church website, Facebook, and in this Circuit Writer.


Sunday, January 27: Trusting the Possible – The Rev. Dr. Wayne Arnason

Congregations that use the “Soul Matters” lectionary of worship themes are working through the January theme of “Possibility” and are moving towards the February theme of “Trust.” This transition has me thinking about how we develop the spiritual practice of trust in a world in which constant change is routine, where and divisive and protective self-absorption is becoming the norm. Are the possibilities we proclaim in our Principles and our common life in church just high ideals, ever out of reach, or can we “trust the dawning future more” by the ways we embody in our community life what we believe is possible in the larger world?

The Reverend Dr. Wayne Arnason was a pulpit guest two years ago during a weekend consultation with our Board of Trustees, and we’re glad to welcome him back during a follow-up consultation with the Board and staff. Dr. Arnason retired in 2016 from a forty-year career of full-time parish ministry and denominational leadership. He has served as Secretary of the UUA, President of the UU Ministers Association, and Chair of the Ministerial Fellowship Committee. Now living in Charlottesville, Virginia, Dr. Arnason shares his life with the Rev. Kathleen Rolenz, who is serving an interim ministry in Annapolis, Maryland.