Upcoming Services

Our service podcast is e-mailed and, posted on our Podcast page, and shared to Facebook every Sunday at 9:00 AM, along with an Order of Service.
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Online Services for August 2020

August 2Take Care:  In this time of physical distancing and virtual church, we miss some of what makes our Sunday mornings special. How do we reach out to one another and show our care for each other in this new way of being together?  The Reverend Kimberley Debus, preaching  

August 9: Heart on the Run: The Reverend Brian Mason, preaching

August 16:  Julie Trombley, Director of Religious Education, speaking

August 23: Ordinary Loss Throughout our lives we all face many losses. Some are minor but seem major at the time.  Other times, these losses are traumatic and lead to acute grief.  We need to grieve, and we do so in many ways; it is a healthy process. What is unhealthy though, is when we allow our grief to be heavier than the actual loss.   Richard Olson, speaking

August 23:  In this period of heightened recognition of the advantages being white in America and interest in learning ways to address racism, we are grateful Kayley McColley has agreed to provide reflections of her experiences as a black person in Wausau. Kayley is a 20 year old who was raised in Wausau, graduated from Wausau West High School and currently is working here in the health care field. Kayley is a committed community activist and sought after voice.   Kayley McColley, speaking