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Upcoming Services

March 2019

Sunday services start at 10:30 a.m. unless otherwise stated


Sunday, March 3: Of Faith and Love and Fire and Grapevines – The Rev. Brian Mason

I experience life through my faith. The world shines through in senses and seasons, and love and life, and yes, even death. My faith is sometimes hearty and other times thin. It is there with the best of me and also with the worst. My faith is there when I read the morning paper, walk the halls of hospitals, and make a marriage. Let us gather this morning for a conversation about faith, the practice, and crises of it.


Sunday, March 10: Healthcare as a Moral Issue – Joel Lewis

Joel Lewis, an Organizer with Citizen Action of Wisconsin, will share how his background in Catholicism and Quakerism informs his work as an organizer. Mr. Lewis’s current project aims to inspire Wisconsin’s elected officials to expand healthcare coverage to the more than 80,000 people who, under the current system, are unable to afford it.


Sunday, March 17: Lent for Unitarian Universalists – The Rev. Brian Mason

Lent can be for UUs too. Traditionally, Lent is a time of repentance, fasting, and anticipation; a period of self-examination and reflection. It lasts 40 days, mirroring the time Jesus spent in the wilderness. Or, put another way, the time he took a hardcore spiritual retreat in the boondocks. In an age characterized by isolation, distraction, and consumption, a moment of quiet and forbearance may hold the key to more cheerful hearts.


Sunday, March 24: Ms. Malden Just Wants to Go Home – The Rev. Brian Mason

Politics in America is changing. When is it not? Our nation has enjoyed a mostly two-party system for a long time. But it appears we are on the brink of a fundamental shift. Republicans are fracturing, as are the Democrats, with segments in both parties moving further to the left and right. Moreover, research suggests Americans are choosing their religion, not based on personal convictions, but rather on political affiliation, resulting in endless echo chambers. Let’s break polite company’s cardinal rule this Sunday—let’s talk politics and religion.


Sunday, March 31: Lessons Learned from Hummingbirds – The Rev. Brian Mason

Lord have mercy, but spring just might be on the horizon. Some of us spend winter on ski slopes or sleds. Others endure it in front of therapy lamps. (The lucky ones spend it in Florida or California.) As we anxiously await the rustle of spring, let’s meditate on nature’s patience and hummingbirds.