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Upcoming Services

May 2019

Sunday services start at 10:30 a.m. unless otherwise stated


Sunday, May 5: On the Difficulties of Defining Time – The Rev. Brian Mason

There is more than one way to define time. Time is a relational concept, slowing down and speeding up depending on the person and event. Some days seem to speed by, while others linger on. There are also moments that feel as though time stands still. Seasons come and go, marking time with life and death and rebirth. This morning’s sermon will be a meditation on the multiplicity of time.


Sunday, May 12: The Matriarchs of Our Faith – The Rev. Brian Mason

On Mother’s Day Brian will offer a sermon about some of the matriarchs of our liberal religion. These impressive women were revolutionary, shaping our faith in ways that endure today. Be sure to get to church early as our annual Mother’s Day breakfast will be served in fellowship hall before the service.


Sunday, May 19: Atheism: Defined and Delineated – Greg Venne

Join us this morning for what promises to be an engaging conversation about atheism. Greg will take as his primary focus the following:

  • Being cautious about accepting the label, atheists want their turn at defining atheism.
  • Typically, those who adhere to atheism, work from lines of reasoning and observations.
  • Atheism possesses a moral framework.

Greg spent over four decades as an educator in the Wausau School District and at UWMC. Ill at ease with retirement, he works as a free-lance editor and as a novelist.


Sunday, May 26: If I Were Giving a Commencement Address – The Rev. Brian Mason

It’s graduation season and that means graduates will be offered commencement speeches by wise or brave or otherwise famous people. There are well known addresses, such as Oprah’s to Harvard and Churchill’s to Harrow. But let’s face it, they’re just another formality in the way of real fun: post-graduation revelry. They’re dull because they’re predictable, saying such things as, “seize the day,” “never give up,” “don’t let haters get you down,” or “life is only what you make it.” This morning we’ll enjoy a commencement address without the usual clichés. Wisdom not guaranteed.