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November 2018

Sunday services start at 10:30AM unless otherwise noted


Sunday, November 4: Good Stewardship’s Many Hats – The Rev. Brian Mason

Today’s service will end just a bit early, so we can perform a fire drill. It’s mostly for our Sunday RE teachers and youth. But it’s for those of us who spend most Sundays in the sanctuary too. Good stewardship is just as much about generosity as it is about having a defibrillator in the event someone experiences cardiac issues. Good stewardship is about protecting our greatest assets – and that’s you. This morning’s sermon will be about stewardship’s many hats. And remember, walk, don’t run!


Sunday, November 11: On Gratitude – The Rev. Brian Mason

I try hard not to, but I take so much for granted. There are, of course, so many daily, simple pleasures worthy of gratitude that I overlook or totally ignore as I bury my nose in my phone or rush around from place-to-place. The great English writer G. K. Chesterton, in “Christmas and Salesmanship,” wrote that “Gratitude, being nearly the greatest of human duties, is also nearly the most difficult.” In other words, humans tend to take things for granted. Let’s push back on this tendency and grow our capacity for the greatest of human duties—giving thanks.


Sunday, November 18: Bread Communion – The Rev. Brian Mason

What is your heritage? Who are your people? What traditions do you preserve and share with your friends and family? Please bring the bread (or baked good) of your heritage to share. And of course, bring the story, or stories, that convey its specialness to you.


 Sunday, November 25: A Thanksgiving Meditation – The Rev. Brian Mason

Mayflower pilgrim William Bradford kept an extraordinary account of the pilgrim’s experiences in the New World. Bradford’s diary, also known as Of Plymouth Plantation, chronicles the year 1620 to 1647. Within the journal’s pages is a description of the First Thanksgiving. Many myths surround this American tradition, but only Bradford’s journal can set the record straight. This morning we’ll meditate on thanks and giving, and the First Thanksgiving.