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Upcoming Services

September 2018

Sunday services start at 10:30AM unless otherwise noted

Sunday, September 2: UU Wausau’s Annual Labor Day Church-wide Picnic!

Picnic begins at 11AM at Oak Island Park shelter, 500 River Dr, Wausau East. Please bring a dish to pass and your own plates and utensils. Also bring along any lawn games that you would like to share. Brian will be giving a “blessing of the back- packs” during the picnic, so be sure to bring yours. Come out and enjoy an afternoon of fun and fellowship!


Sunday, September 9: Homecoming Sunday and Water Ceremony – The Reverend Brian Mason

Homecoming Sunday is an annual intergenerational tradition at UU Wausau. The entire congregation is invited to celebrate Homecoming Sunday with the Unitarian Universalist ritual of Water Ceremony. Please bring a small container of water collected from a special place during the summer’s travels or closer to home. Pouring them into a common vessel, our inner and outer journeys are shared.


Sunday, September 16: “The Parson’s Reflections, One Year In” – The Reverend Brian Mason

On August 1, 2017, I rolled into Wausau, embarking on my first settled parish ministry. Sure, I’d been a hospital chaplain for a number of years, served various churches as a student minister and intern, but I’d never been a solo parish minister until I got up here to the edge of the great Wisconsin Northwoods. This morning I’ll offer some reflections on my first year as UU Wausau’s minister and share some hopes for our future.


Sunday, September 23: “Philosophy and the Meaning of Life” – Mark T. Brown, Ph.D.

Most people have wondered about the meaning of life at one time or another, but for philosophers, it is a central preoccupation.  Does the question even make sense? What would an answer look like? Might there be more than one answer, or none at all?  Is it the most important thing in the world, or an idle exercise for people with too much time on their hands?

Professor Emeritus Mark T. Brown taught in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Wisconsin Colleges from 1986-2017. From 2012-2018, Dr. Brown served as an instructor in the Physician Assistant Program at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, where he specialized in Bioethics. Dr. Brown is a Senior Fellow at the Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service and Member of the Wausau Aspirus Hospital Bioethics Committee.


Sunday, September 30: “What Unitarian Universalism Is & What It Isn’t” – The Reverend Brian Mason

Visiting with mentors, attending General Assembly in Kansas City, and preaching in several UU churches this summer gave me opportunity to think about this unique faith we practice. Unitarian Universalism is a great religion, a cathedral window through which the world is reflected in a splendid array of unique colors. But can Unitarian Universalism be everything for everyone? This morning will be a meditation on the history of our faith, where we’re at as a denomination today, and where we might be headed.