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November 5: Installation of the Rev. Brian Mason

On this special Sunday, the congregation will celebrate the installation of the Rev. Brian Mason as Minister to the First Universalist Unitarian Church of Wausau. The sermon will be delivered by the Rev. Earl Holt, with a special message to the congregation from UU Wausau’s last ministerial intern, the Rev. Jim Coakley. Reception to follow.

Music: Karmen Teigen, organ; with special music by Open Tab


November 12: A Season of Giving – Rev. Brian Mason

Research has proven that couples who are generous by doing things for their significant others so simple as taking out the trash, putting the coffee on in the morning, or giving surprise gifts are far happier than their counterparts who do not. In sum, generosity isn’t just appreciated by the recipient, it actually makes life happier. This morning we will discuss the science of generosity, and the gifts of giving.

Music: Karen Zuidema


November 19: Bread Service – Rev. Brian Mason

What is your heritage? Who are your people? What traditions do you preserve and share with your family? Please bring the bread (or baked good) of your heritage to share. And of course, bring the story, or stories, that convey its specialness to you.

Music: Ray Kraemer & Louis Pradt


November 26: Civil Religion in Conflicted Times – Ryan T. O’Leary, Ph.D.

Throughout American history, the nation has understood itself as having an exceptional, even divinely mandated, mission.  This sense of mission is at the core of what has been called an American civil religion.  Civil religion can become an exclusivist tribalism that merges race, religion, and national identity, especially in times of crisis of conflict.  In its truest form, though, American civil religion is prophetic—it calls the nation to account for its failures, and pushes us to realize our highest ideals.  Dr. O’Leary will discuss the dynamic nature of American civil religion in both its exclusivist and prophetic modes.

Music: Ray Kraemer, with special music by the Wind Quintet

Ryan T. O’Leary, Ph.D. is a Lecturer in Religious Studies with the University of Wisconsin in Marathon County.  He specializes in philosophical theology and questions of religion and culture.  The focus of his current research involves asking about what traditional religious symbols can communicate to ecological thought and about issues of civil religion and political discourse.