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 Next service: "Less Explaining, More Living," the Rev. Brian Mason, preaching, December 4 @ 10:30 am

Sunday Morning

“Worship is the window of the moment open to the sky of the eternal.”

During the summer months, we meet under the skylight in our beautiful Atrium every Sunday morning at 9:30 (unless otherwise noted), for presentations from guest speakers, fellow congregants, and an occasional sermon from the Rev. Brian Mason.

Our regular church year Sunday services, at 10:30AM, draw upon diverse religious and secular traditions. We use contemporary and classical music, literature and poetry as well as sacred texts from many religious traditions.

Each service focuses on a theme related to spiritual growth, ethics or current social issues. We begin each Sunday by lighting our chalice. A typical Sunday service includes a Story   for all Ages, congregational singing and a sermon. Feel free to dress in whatever way you’re comfortable.

Your children are welcome to attend the service with you. After the Story for All Ages, they may attend a religious education class with their peers or stay with you in the sanctuary. Our unstaffed nursery is available for you to use if wanted; if you’d like to stay in the sanctuary but have more room to play, our balcony is set up with a play space for families.

We have a pamphlet rack with many resources for visitors. Please make yourself at home and let us know how we can help you find your way.

In case you missed Sunday morning, we have an archive of past sermons.