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Minister’s Welcome

Rainbow ChaliceAre you searching for a faith community in which your questions and doubts are celebrated?

Are you “spiritual” but wary of religious dogma?

Are you searching for a community that is warm, welcoming, and bound together by curiosity and care for each other?

Are you interested in the many beliefs of the human family, and inspired by the beauty and wonder of the cosmos?

Would you like to work with others of like mind and contribute to justice, locally and globally?

First Universalist Unitarian of Wausau has been a place for liberal spiritual seekers since 1870. We may be the spiritual home you are looking for. You may be searching for a faith community for the first time, or need a new place to belong as your beliefs have evolved. You may be in the midst of transitions and re-examining the meaning in your life.  Whatever the reason, please know that you are welcome to visit and see if First UU Wausau is where you belong, where you learn and love.