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Children and Youth


Nursery, Birth-3

Children experience safe play and nurturing community with our kind and trusted nursery staff.

Ages 4-6, Dr. Seuss & UUs

Participants will explore UU Principles using the stories of Dr. Seuss! Each hands-on session explores a different Dr. Seuss story through activity, imagination, play, creativity, movement, discussion and/or games.

Grades 1-3, Walking the Rainbow Path

This second year of the Rainbow Path curriculum will continue the theme but with all new lessons. The goal of Walking the Rainbow Path is to provide children with a developmentally appropriate way for them to understand and engage with the UU Principles. Through stories, games, and creative activities, The Rainbow Path becomes a tool to help children begin to name their own religious/ spiritual experiences; it provides language and images that create a framework on which to build their own belief system and to nurture their ethical growth. This is the Rainbow Path of Unitarian Universalism:

  • RED: Respect all beings
  • ORANGE: Offer fair and kind treatment to all
  • YELLOW: Yearn to learn
  • GREEN: Grow in spirit and mind
  • BLUE: Believe in my ideas and act on them
  • INDIGO: Insist on peace, freedom, and justice for all

Grades 4-6, Harry & UU

Through a social action curriculum based on J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books, participants will use fun wizarding activities as the basis for discussion about values, social action and the seven UU principles. In addition, this group will learn and work on several real world social action projects, referred to as “Horcruxes”.

Grades 7-9, OWL (Our Whole Lives)

OWL is the Unitarian Universalist Association’s comprehensive sexuality curriculum. OWL equips participants with accurate, age-appropriate information on human development, relationships, personal skills, responsible sexual behavior, sexual health and contemporary societal issues. The curriculum is intensive and lasts the entire church year. Participants must have parental permission to join the group.

Grades 9-12, Popcorn Theology

It’s movie time! Popcorn Theology takes young people’s interest in the visual arts and channels it into learning opportunities. Each session uses a portion of a different popular movie to: examine how the choices we make affect our lives; explore how truth and meaning related to perspective and point of view; understand how the right of conscience calls us to do what is right; consider how our faith can help us understand our questions, seek answers and deal with the trials of life.