Becoming a Member

What Does Membership Mean?

UU Wausau is “owned” by the members. The membership sets the mission, approves the Board of Trustees to make governance decisions on behalf of the congregation, and approves an annual budget. The members of the congregation also vote to select the ministers.

The ministry of UU Wausau is a collaboration between the congregation and our minister. There are so many ways to be involved: work with our children and youth, make coffee, help plan worship, provide music for a Sunday service, etc.

To be a member at UU Wausau means you support the church and its mission. You commit to your own spiritual and ethical growth and encourage others as well. To be a member means you make a financial contribution that suits you/ your family. Membership means you can vote and help shape the congregation’s mission, vision, leadership and budget. This congregation cares deeply for one another and you will be cared for as well, surrounded by a long history of liberal faith.

As a member, you are supported through life passages: children are dedicated, youth are honored as they graduate. Perhaps you will be married in our building and light many candles of joy and sorrow as we walk with you through your life journey. Our Care Committee supports members through illness and difficulty with meals, rides to appointments, and with cards of encouragement. UU Wausau is here, too, at the end of life.

If you have been visiting UU Wausau and are ready to consider joining, please speak with our Minister, Brian Mason.