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Annual Meeting – December 2nd after the Sunday Service

Our 2018 Annual Meeting will take place immediately after the service on December 2nd. All UUA Certified Members (those who have signed the membership book) are encouraged to attend the meeting to vote on Board of Trustees appointments, proposed bylaw changes, and the 2019 budget. The annual meeting documents can be accessed here:

Annual Meeting Handout

Profit and Loss – Budget vs. Actual

Endowment Fund Declaration

Social Justice Committee Resolution

Revisions of the Bylaws

Proposed 2019 Budget

Hard copies of the documents are available at church.


We’re Getting a Partner Church!

UU Wausau will soon have a partner church and you can help build that relationship! Churches in India, the Philippines, Hungary, and Romania are currently seeking a partner church in the United States. The UU Wausau Partner Church Committee is just beginning, so if you’re interested in world travel, learning about UUism in other countries, and launching a brand new ministry, please sign-up in the Atrium. For more info visit the UU Partner Church Council’s website (http://www.uupcc.org), check out profiles of the churches seeking partners on the sign-up table, or contact committee Chair Shannon Thielman (shannon0312@yahoo.com).